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Katinka and I have been friends since high school, dressing up as the Spice girls, running around the car in our pyjamas at traffic lights, staying up until the morning hours chatting away and dreaming about life. Who knew we would one day be running after her little boy laughing and waiting for her and Cobus’ little daughter to join their family. Ben is a gorgeous boy and a perfect mix between Katinka’s dark hair, big features & Cobus’ sky blue eyes.


Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_001

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_002

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_003

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_004

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_005

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_006

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_007

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_008

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_009

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_010

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_011

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_012

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_013

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_014

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_015

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_016

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_017

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_018

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_019

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_020

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_021

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_022

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_023

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_024

Silversuitcase-Family photos-Johannesburg_025

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