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My heart sank when I woke up the morning of Renate & Marcel’s wedding and saw rain.Usually rain does not bother me that much as you can always work around it but I knew Renate fell in love with the venue THE NUTCRACKER because you can play games outside on the grass, the starters are usually served on the lawns and the nature is just so beautiful. But give this girl a Bells because she took the rainy conditions with a smile.

The rain became a blessing from a photographic point of view because it pushed me to look for light in places I would have missed had it been a sunny day. I had to start from scratch with fresh ideas, threw out all the ideas I had worked on and planned.

I have known and loved Renate and her two sisters forever (our moms started their friendship journey when I was only a little 3 year old). Picture these 3 gorgeous girls myself and my sister, Sindi, 19 years ago, pig tails and all begging our parents if we can just please extend the sleepover for one or maybe 9 more nights. Jip that’s right we were a mean team.

I can honestly say if you like any of Renate & Marcel’s photos all credit goes to the two of them, they where on time, they listened to all our advice, they didn’t let the weather get to them, Renate picked up her dress (heavy from soaking up water by now) in the one hand, umbrella in the other and ran through the rain to get where we wanted them for the shots and they gave us the time we needed. If I were a teacher both Marcel and Renate would have gotten an A+ for effort and participation.

I can start a whole essay on the marvelous decor pieces Tannie Pat and Dr. Phillip (yes Tannie and Doctor for me because you guessed it, known them all my life and this Dr.Phillip has been looking after my health since birth) from THE NUTCRACKER put together to create this “Natural Beauty and rustic Serenity” as stated on their website but I think pictures shout louder than words! Just look at those doors and cupboards, insanely gorgeous!

I know you can see my reflection in one of the photos and I was about to take it out then I realised it would be the only proof that I was also at their wedding.




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  1. kabelo

    June 21, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    my wedding is on the 28th of September
    Stretch should occupy 150 people and a white color tent would be nice.

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